Zinzino Balance TEST and Premium Omega 3 Oil

Written by Jo Ann Prior

It's2022, lets call it the year for looking after yourself. Its time to get real, with your a new purpose stop playing with ego, use your intuition! What are you ignoring in your personal eating habits, Fitness goals? Have you stopped some of last years habits? Well its time. Here's some help points to get you started 7 healthy habits.

At the end of November 2021, I started working with Zinzino a Brand from Scandinavia, they specialise in a test based approach to using omega 3 supplements. The Balance Test is analysed at a third party Independent laboratory, and is double blinded test. Only analysing the bio markers of 11 Fatty Acids for cellular inflammation. With over 750 thousand tested using a dry blood spot test, its proven that taking Zinzino  omega 3 supplement will successfully reduce inflammation, 98% of customers are in balance by 120 days. They have achieved approval by the TGA, they have been in Australia for less then 3 yrs. Certified from Friends of the sea, have approval from Vegan society.

Men, Women and Children are often recommended Omega supplements, but haven’t been tested to determine their Omega3 target values.

So I am going to set your first challenge for the year.  GET TESTED, lets see what it shows, what results your current omega 3 supplement and diet is doing ( or not doing ) reaching the target values of Omega 3 index as recommended by the World Health Organisation. This could be the reason your not feeling the benefits of that omega 3 any more. Replace what your doing now with Zinzino it can 

  • Contributes to normal brain function1 and heart function2 since the daily dosage contains 700 mg DHA
  • Contributes to a normal immune system3 since the daily dosage contains 20 µg Vitamin D3
  • Helps maintain good levels of EPA and DHA in your body
  • Helps maintain optimal Omega-6:3 levels in your body
  • Helps maintain polyphenol levels in your body to protect blood lipids from oxidative stress6

 My results showed that the my diet and the lack of omega 3 supplements were not helping my overall cellular protection. Therefore as healthy as I m and never sick i just would not know it from the out side.

My First dose of Zinzino Premium Balance oil within 20mins I could feel a sense of calm. Within a week myself and clients have been discovering the other health benefits from the Zinzino balance oil, and now we are Building a better immune system. Now I have the peace of mind that what I am doing is working.

My issue omega 3's haven't been great over the last 3yr. I had been using practitioner brands for most of my career, but would drop off due to fishy taste, or repeating on me all day long, tried Cod liver and Krill as well Vegan options.

I knew I wasn't receiving enough Omega 3 my diet. But with Zinzino there's No fish taste, and the dose is based on your weight.  

Text me for more info to get started. its quick we can do it over the phone. I have some retail product in stock your can go to my site here Zinzino

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