Information you must know before attending your Booking

Written by Jo Ann Prior

A must read before your visit. 

# Client Contact Information will be collect at the time of your booking.

# Occupancy will be spaced between clients and where possible 15min - 30mins apart.

# This will allowed time for cleaning procedure's. 

# Please arrive 5-10mins prior to your booking. If you arrive early please waiting down on ground level (entry to the building).

# Hygiene, handwashing is require prior to entry and exit. Hand sanitiser is at the front desk and in the treatment room.  

# PLEASE NOTE If you are experiencing sickness, cough, fever, sore throat, running nose. You will need to Cancel via Text. Cancellation policy applies. 24hr notice required. 

I don't get voice messages @ work and cant always look at my emails.  So pls just text, it is the fastest way. 


Reply to this email if you need more information.

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