Benefits of massage during pregnancy

Written by Jo Ann Prior

I love to care for pregnant women during this special time.

Pregnancy massage helps you take valuable time out for yourself and connect with your body and your growing baby. It reduces swollen painful legs and feet, reduces muscle cramps and back pain and calms the nervous system, aiding comfortable sleep. We take great care  to use softer massage techniques in the first trimester and many women request firmer massage during the second and third trimester as the pelvis and spine start to move and shift.

A hormone called Relaxin is released during pregnancy which makes your joints looser in preparation for the hips to accommodate your growing baby.As your joints loosen, muscles you never knew you had can become tight to compensate for your loose joints.

This is where regular pregnancy massage helps you. Massage can help you move more easily,reducing discomfort and allowing you to sleep more comfortably. Pregnancy massage also prepares the muscles around the hips, legs and pelvis for labour.

If you already have young children, your hips can already be very tight from carrying them on one hip, especially as they get heavier but still want mum to pick them up! Regular massage will loosen the muscles in preparation for the joyous demands that motherhood puts on your body.

We recommend a monthly massage during the second trimester, fortnightly massage during the third trimester, and weekly in the last 4 weeks before you are due.

Post delivery is also a time where remedial massage can help maintain your composure and well being. Breast and bottle feeding cause neck and shoulder pain from holding your baby as you look down.

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