Green / Red smoothie for any time of the day

Written by Jo Ann Prior

Green smoothie / Red Smoothie ( ENJOY my Breakfast smoothie any time of the day )


In a blender / Nutrabullet add:

coconut water / or almonds in water

Or just  Add filtered water to dilute or mix to up with. 

Add the water first so you can soak the seeds and nuts. ( allow 10mins)

1 Tbsp Spirulina

2 Tbsp Chia seeds or flaxseed

1 Tsp Cacao Powder

1 Tbsp Hemp Seeds

½ cup pineapple


Red Smoothie

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Dry Needling Treatment -What to expect

Written by Jo Ann Prior

Dry needling is a therapeutic procedure used to relieve muscular pain and improve joint range of motion (ROM). It can cause side effects, such as soreness, bleeding, bruising, and fatigue. The procedure involves the insertion of a needle into myofascial trigger points—which are small muscle knots that can be highly sensitive and painful to the touch.

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How to follow The 4 Pillar Plan

Written by Jo Ann Prior


How to follow The 4 Pillar Plan from Dr Chatterjee book.

There are four main elements to The 4 Pillar Plan: Relax, Eat, Move and Sleep. For each pillar, I have set out five interventions, summarised below.

I would much rather you score two in every pillar, giving you a total score of eight, rather than five out of five in two separate pillars, giving you a total score of 10.

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Oxygen Levels

Written by Jo Ann Prior

These 10 ideas will help to improve your oxygen levels:

1. Open your windows. Fresh air will bring additional oxygen into your home and even if you are constantly breathing in oxygen through a cannula, whenever you talk or open your mouth fresh air containing higher oxygen levels can be drawn into your body. 

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doTERRA Oils for everybody's body

Written by Jo Ann Prior

doTERRA® Oils can be purchase any time if I don't have the oil it can be ordered every month before the 15th of the month.

But why wait Become a whole customer My doTERRA Page

Just text or email me if you want a price on oils. I don't charge full retail. 

TRY doTERRA Aromatouch therapy

doTERRA® helps to enhance your life and improve your family's health and well being.

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