Liver, as a 70s kid. I got exposed to so many chemicals, although we ate off the land. I know for sure my dad “thrive” the fruit and veg. He was proud to the Lawn, made sure there was no weeds for us to walk on cause’ that was a pain in the foot. I loved my dog, and we spend time together in the dog kennel that was made of fibro. We made our own bullets for the guns to kill the cows and I was packing them. Hardly ever wash our hands before eating. Use petrol to clean down our bikes and used a welder with no mask. Jumped in the contaminated ponds to fish out the golf balls. 

I'd have to say I ve got an iron gut- but my parents gave me antibiotics until the age of 14. That’s when, I said no more, and went to an alternative health practitioner. 

Long live the LIVER.

Facts, Chronic liver disease (CLD) is a growing health concern, which accounts for two million deaths per year.

Obesity, alcohol overconsumption, and progressive cholestasis are commonly characterized by persistent low-grade inflammation and advancing fibrosis, which form the basis for development of end-stage liver disease complications, including hepatocellular carcinoma. Pathophysiology extends to the intestinal tract and is characterized by intestinal dysbiosis, bile acid dysregulation, and gut barrier disruption.

Macrophages are key players in CLD progression and intestinal barrier breakdown.

While a leaky gut, bacterial dysbiosis, and bile acid alterations are considered as obvious indications of gut–liver axis disruption, the role of the immune system remains underexplored.  Both intestinal and hepatic signals contribute to CLD-associated inflammation, fibrogenesis, and hepatocarcinogenesis.

 Particularly, whether restoration of qualitative and quantitative dysbiotic alterations of the gut microbiome can be translated into effective CLD treatment requires further investigation.

The classical mechanisms of liver regeneration focus on signaling pathways within the liver.

However, recent studies have evidenced that commensal gut microbiota plays local and systematic roles in tissue repair and regeneration. Therefore, it is extremely important that we understand the interaction between gut microbiota and liver in the regulation of liver regeneration.

Dysbiosis of gut microbiota is associated with increased inflammation, impaired intestinal barrier, and immune system disorders. The complexity and role of gut microbiota in end-stage chronic liver disease suggest that gut microbiota modulation may be a way to deal with difficulties in liver injury and regeneration.

Under primary liver damage, gut-derived LPS can activate Kupffer cells to release pro-inflammatory mediators, such as TNF-α, interleukins (IL-1 and IL-10), lysosomal enzymes (protease and phosphatase), and superoxide, which aggravate inflammatory responses and necrosis.

Bile acids produced from cholesterol, are assembled as primary conjugated BAs in the liver and actively transported into the biliary system.

A small fraction of BAs circulates from cholangiocytes to the liver through the cholangio-hepatic shunt, while most of them are stored in the gallbladder and released into the duodenum after food intake.

Its not all bad news, you can start to regenerate the damage, with  

Zinzino have (prebiotic powder Zinzbiotic ) help the gut with dysbiosis.

Zinzino Balance Oil ( best omega 3 ever made )  that will help reduce pro inflammatory makers.

Zinzino Balance test ( check the inflammation range with 11 fatty acids -  omega 6: 3 ratio)

Avoid Liver damage from Antibiotics, Drugs, Alcohol.


Avoid allergy foods you know of.

Avoid use of antibiotics during pregnancy and from birth up to the age of 12 years old.

Avoid taking antihistamines.

Avoid eating a poor diet, suffering from candida.

Public Swimming pool.

Avoid Toxins like mold, Chemical cleaners, eating nonorganic.

Avoid additives in food supplies, food chemicals.

Other factors include the last 70 years, widespread use of chemicals, pesticides.

Sitting in air conditioning for long hours, riding bikes in stand still traffic.

Improve bile acid, avoid undigested food going into the intestines.

Fasting (start slow if you haven’t fasted before)

Inflammation of the liver due to an infection or toxic substance infectious agents including, bacteria, parasites.

Clients have reported doing detoxification process, they could smell the chemotherapy drugs from they cancer treatment, some mentioned the smell of metallic the taste of metallic returning as they clean that out of their liver.

As a rule disease occurs only when resistance is low.

Above are some of the improvements you can do in your diet, please bear in mind that if you have autoimmune or any specific liver or kidney issue. Don’t Fast until you speak with your health practitioner.

Liver cleansing diets may be useful in isolation, Personally I do not like them.

I prefer Fast, periods. Water or Herb tea only.

For example, Breakfast 4hr Lunch then fast. Or have lunch and 4hrs have dinner and then nil.

Some clients have a high protein diet rich in nutrients.

If you want to add these Brewer’s yeast, wheat germ, egg yolks, low fat yoghurt acidophilus tofu soybean , spirulina is a good source as it cleans and restores. Your diet should be pack high chlorophyl food such as raw and cooked green veggies organic of course. Special importance for vitamin C, if you know that you struggle to have vitamin C sodium ascorbate you can try intravenously. (chemist supply ) also the use of vitamin B complex B12 lecithin, lemon in hot water. Or apple cider vinegar. Papaya, Pineapple, filtered water, herbal tea fluids, no alcohol, no saturated fats. Vitamin and minerals that you might try to include as additives is vitamin C sodium ascorbate, calcium glutamate, Vitamin A, two to six times a day, vitamin E, folic acid, vitamin B complex vitamin B12.

Other things to include in your diet is la carnitine on an empty stomach twice a day- it's responsible for transporting fatty acids into the mitochondria.

glutathione twice a day- helps protect the liver.

la cystine an LA methane twice a day on an empty stomach- detoxifies the liver.

coenzyme Q10 enhances so many things - tissue oxidation.

essential fatty acids chlorophyll pancreas enzymes does sodium phosphate.



milk Thistle.

Dandelion tea


Liquorice tea - all of these will help with healing.

try a cloth soaked in castor oil over the right side, around the front of the ribs, side of the ribs. The soaked cloth placed onto this part of the body ( liver area ) overnight or for a long duration repeat every day.

How do you know if your liver is wearing you down, you will have no energy, angry,  you'll have a foggy brain, depressed, low mood.

Always finish a hot bath or shower with a cold shower on the right side.

You can foot soak with cold water if it's summer. You can add ice to the water add some salt. Then flush it down the toilet 'cause it's clearing the toxins away you don't want to put it on the plants.  

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